Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Beginning

Image from Occupy Wall Street
Much was accomplished in the last third of 2011 by the Occupy Movement and we are moving into 2012 and the rest of the Decade enthused, hopeful, and determined to do whatever it will take to make true change happen.

Surfing the web, it is obvious that there is no shortage of worthy causes and great ideas that, if implemented, would restore a measure of our Democracy and return Power to the People. Implementation, unless we want to descend into total insurrection and anarchy, will require a change in the laws at all levels of Government. The greatest force obstructing new laws in order to maintain the status quo is the power of Big Money Interests. Until this changes, no good idea can be realized. This is the most salient issue. This is ground zero - the place where the work must begin.
The Indiana Alliance for Democracy (AforD-IN.org) is a chapter of the Alliance for Democracy (thealliancefordemocracy.org). The Alliance has, for some time, supported the efforts of Move to Amend (movetoamend.org). They have made huge strides in drafting the language of an amendment, gathering impressive educational material, and organizing a national event focused on this first most critical issue.
The Indiana Alliance for Democracy will be working with other local groups to organize the one day “Occupy the Courts” event at the Indianapolis Federal Court Building. We urge you to get involved. This will be the first local “Occupy” event of 2012. Rescinding Corporate Personhood will be the law change that will make all other change possible. This is the natural place to begin. The Beginning is Here!
Send email to info@AforD-IN.org


  1. Glad to see this blog created to provide a needed resource to discuss the myriad current issues affecting our democracy. Unfortunately, most of these issues appear to operate to the detriment, rather than enhancement, of our democracy. Let's get going!

  2. According to the IBJ, Governor Daniels today countermanded the recent limitation on access to the Indiana statehouse which was recently imposed by the State Fire Marshal and the Indiana State Police. That recission is laudable, although some wonder if Daniels' order wan't just a political ploy. Surely Gov. Daniels was briefed prior to the State Police's order. At least one would assume so, especially on a matter of such high potential controversy

  3. Thank you civitas.
    I too find it difficult to believe that Mitch Daniels is an Occupy sympathizer. He, most definitely, fits solidly in the corporate power camp. Eliminating Corporate Personhood is bound to be a protracted struggle with many twists and turns. We must remain vigilant. Remenber; "Power yields nothing without demand", Frederick Douglas.

  4. It was unsettling to democracy advocates to learn last week that the bible-study group Capitol Commission would be able, with the state Department of Administration’s assistance, to circumvent the announced public access limitations. Under the special exception, the bible-study folks could present their emailed “pass” to security officers thus exempting them from the restrictions applicable to the general public. The group conducts bible study and prayer at the Statehouse specifically for legislators and administration officials.

    The Capitol Commission's website contains testimonials from various state government officials, including Indiana's Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman. Here is what she provided to the Capitol Commission for use as a testimonialo on its website:

    "I appreciate Matthew Barnes’ emphasis on prayer… In Indiana, those of us in authority have big decisions to make and we need Hoosiers to pray. I am also thankful for the written Bible studies Matthew provides to the Statehouse community. We need divine wisdom to be good stewards."

    It does not seem like good stewardship of democracy or the public trust, to immediately carve out special exceptions to a recently dictated and very controversial mandate (by the fire marshal and the state police for access limits to the Peoples’ House during the legislative session. Giving such special permission to this religious group also raises constitutional concerns.