Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Beginning

Image from Occupy Wall Street
Much was accomplished in the last third of 2011 by the Occupy Movement and we are moving into 2012 and the rest of the Decade enthused, hopeful, and determined to do whatever it will take to make true change happen.

Surfing the web, it is obvious that there is no shortage of worthy causes and great ideas that, if implemented, would restore a measure of our Democracy and return Power to the People. Implementation, unless we want to descend into total insurrection and anarchy, will require a change in the laws at all levels of Government. The greatest force obstructing new laws in order to maintain the status quo is the power of Big Money Interests. Until this changes, no good idea can be realized. This is the most salient issue. This is ground zero - the place where the work must begin.
The Indiana Alliance for Democracy (AforD-IN.org) is a chapter of the Alliance for Democracy (thealliancefordemocracy.org). The Alliance has, for some time, supported the efforts of Move to Amend (movetoamend.org). They have made huge strides in drafting the language of an amendment, gathering impressive educational material, and organizing a national event focused on this first most critical issue.
The Indiana Alliance for Democracy will be working with other local groups to organize the one day “Occupy the Courts” event at the Indianapolis Federal Court Building. We urge you to get involved. This will be the first local “Occupy” event of 2012. Rescinding Corporate Personhood will be the law change that will make all other change possible. This is the natural place to begin. The Beginning is Here!
Send email to info@AforD-IN.org